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The Blacklist Music Season 1


[101] Pilot

Morning Light by Rachel Goodrich

Liz & Tom rush to get ready for work.

Piano Trio No. 2 in E Flat Major, Op. 100 D. 929: Andante Con Motoby Schubert

Red checks out his hotel room.

Ain't That A Kick In the Head by Dean Martin

Red has dinner in his hotel room as Liz watches via surveillance, then Ressler updates her.

Didn't I by Darondo

Liz arrive home to find Tom tied up and tortured.

State of the Art (A.E.I.O.U.) by Jim James

Liz rips up the carpet in the dining room and discover a chest full of money and passports with a variety of Tom's aliases.

99 Problems by Hugo

Liz goes to see Red and he tells her she must have discovered a secret of Tom's.


[102] The Freelancer

Sympathy For The Devil by The Rolling Stones

Red is picked up from a boat and taken to Washington, D.C.

Sinnerman by Nina Simone

Red leaves the table, pulls a bait & switch and escapes custody.

Big Apple Boogaloo by Brooklyn Funk Essentials

Liz & Red walk about Floriana's party; Ressler warns Dembe about drinking on the job; Floriana tells Liz about a shipment of girls that went missing.

Citizens by Alice Russell

Liz puts Tom's secret stash back into it's hiding place, then visits Tom in the hospital; the carpet in the house is replaced; Liz takes Tom home; Ressler sees the scar on Dembe's back; Liz gets out of bed; Red hangs out at a restaurant.


[103] Wujing

Hey Man, Nice Shot by Filter

Montage of Shanghai scenes; a man drives through the streets of Shanghai, is shot dead and has his briefcase and hand stolen.

Bird 1 by Underworld

Ellie takes Tom for a walk, the briefly returns to the house as a group of men plant bugs and take photographs.

Here With Me by Robot Koch

Liz heads home; Ressler tells Cooper that Liz is hiding something; Red opens up an envelope with Chinese symbols on it.


[104] The Stewmaker

Up Past The Nursery by Suuns

The Stewmaker checks into a hotel, removes his disguise & covers his room in plastic; continues as The Stewmaker finishes preparing the room.

Let Go (Breakdown) by Alice Russell

Red gets a call from Liz while at a meeting in Haiti.

Smile by Nat King Cole

Liz asks the Stewmaker his name.

Made Of Stone by Matt Corby

Red takes a photo from The Stewmaker's book; Ressler comforts Liz; Red gives Liz the photo book.


[105] The Courier

Set No Sun by Unkle

Seth Nelson is dragged off by The Courier.

Bump (Best Fwends Remix) by Spank Rock

Ressler goes undercover as The Courier to meet with Dechambou at a club.

Wicked Game by Emika

Liz reads through the file that Red gave her, then goes to see Red.


[106] Gina Zanetakos

Violent Games by Polica

In Germany, a man demonstrates a car bomb for Gina.

Very Cruel by Polica

Gina takes a guy to a hotel room, then kills him after getting the confirmation she wanted.


[107] Frederick Barnes

Out Like A Lion by Whitehorse

Tom finds Liz in their kitchen trying to choose a new wall color.

I Awake by Sarah Blasko

Liz & Red finish their elevator ride; Red heads for Havana and is informed something he wants just became available to purchase.

Symphony No. 3, Op. 36, "Symfonia piesni zalosnych" (Symphony of Sorrowful Songs): I. Lento - Sostenuto tranquillo ma cantabile by Zofia Kilanowicz

Red returns to his old house, reminisces, then drives away as an explosion rips the house apart.


[108] General Ludd

Somebody Sweet To Talk To by She & Him

Liz joins Tom in the shower as The Apple Man watches on the surveillance feed.

Welcome Home, Son by Radical Face

Tom consoles Liz at her father's funeral; Red opens another red envelope and logs onto VICAP; Liz confronts Red about taking the drive from Wolfe.


[109] Anslo Garrick, Part 1

No Commercial Music Used In This Episode.


[110] Anslo Garrick, Part 2

Pendulum by Pearl Jam

Montage; Red phones Liz to tell her he'll always be there if she needs him and warns her about Tom.